We help people and organisations to communicate better. In our book that means, more clearly, creatively, authentically – and enjoyably –  than they would have done without  us. With twenty years’ experience working with clients ranging from GSK to Comic Relief, our work falls mostly into the following areas:


Communication is the ‘red thread’ that runs through all of our work (as it does through all of our lives). We coach leaders to communicate and communicators (such as internal comms professionals and external consultants) to lead. We run Vision Days and coaching programmes for people who are at a career crossroads; want to figure out what’s next in their life and work; and or want help in building the presence and confidence they need to take themselves to the next level.


We offer light touch consulting to help project teams communicate programmes like performance and reward; benefits and strategic change. We also consult around team effectiveness; working with clients to design and facilitate Leadership Teams meetings so leaders can hold more effective conversations about the things that matter to them and to their organisation.


We run workshops on subjects like Because I’m Worth It; How to Develop a Communications Strategy that Works and How to Get your Skills Used. We train leaders to understand what communication means in their organisation – and how they can do it better.


Heretically, we think that good communication starts with good writing. Years ago, writing meant taking the brief; going off into a darkened room, and emerging with a draft that would knock the client’s socks off. That still happens and we’re still passionate about great writing.  But increasingly we also write in collaboration with clients; helping people work out what they think and how to say it – in their own words.

This website offers an overview of our work. But it is no substitute for a conversation. If you want to know more or,  if you would like to talk about a communications issue that is or isn’t keeping you up at night, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.