Nobody is born with a playbook for how to live their life. The lucky few find a purpose or vocation. But the majority muddle through. If this is true at the start of a career, it’s even more true as people come towards the end of full-on, full-time work. 

Highly successful people face particular challenges. As the phrase goes: what got you here, won’t get you there. The chances are that you are unclear what your ‘there’ looks like (and you may be hazy about what got you here). So it’s all too easy to keep doing what you know how to do – until something happens that forces you to change gear. You probably don’t want to call it ‘retirement’ (Next Act? Exploring Options?)  And with good genes and good fortune, you could be contemplating a 100 year life. So this is the time to ask what you want to keep doing; what you want to let go of and what new things you want to try. 

There are plenty of good pre-retirement counselling courses out there (and I’m not here to knock any of them). But many put you through a process; skim the surface, allowing you an hour or so to absorb an idea (have you made a Living Will?) before leaving you at a desk to read the Situations Vacant in the Daily Telegraph.  Which makes sense for one particular reason. Namely that highly successful people (which is what we are talking about) tend to be action oriented. 

But…highly successful career transition (the shift from an all consuming career to a fulfilling life) isn’t one-size-fits-all, and isn’t all about action. It’s about looking back (e.g,  to identify what you did at work and why); looking forward (to get clearer about any ambitions you want to fulfil, as well as how you want to spend your time). And then moving into action, doing things, sometimes small things,  that will move you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Yes, you can figure it all out on your own, or by talking to your partner, friends and colleagues, and many people do. But there is value in getting an external perspective. You can choose to work via a series of full 1:1 Coaching Days held once a quarter over 12 – 18 months (because career transition takes time); a one off Coaching Day; or 90 minute Zoom sessions held every 1 – 2 months. Whichever you choose, coaching gives you the time, space and structure to do some intensive thinking about your life and work supported by a highly experienced coach. If you opt to work face to face, we work at Barnsley House in The Cotswolds, or the Royal Overseas League in London’s Mayfair. Whether you opt to work face to face or on Zoom, by taking some time away from the routine pressures of work and home, you can – finally – get clear about what you really want to with the time that you have. And go ahead and do it.

This website gives you a snapshot of my work. But the best way to find out more is to have a conversation. Please get in touch by emailing me at or calling me on 07771 822291. I look forward to hearing from you.