All of our work comes through referrals from existing clients (please see what they say – below).  We have grown long-term relationships (some lasting over nearly two decades) with clients. Increasingly our work focuses on the pharmaceutical and Third Sectors. But we are always happy to meet good people and talk about interesting projects – whatever the context.  If we can’t help you ourselves, we may be able to suggest someone who can.

What clients say, here are a few comments from clients:

Jane is a great business partner and team member. Easy to work with, her creativity and insight helped us make our communications more engaging and helpful to managers, reflected in the highest positive feedback that we have ever received from the reward process.

(Sheila Edmund, VP Compensation, GSK)

There are lots of great things about working with Jane but what I really appreciate is Jane’s ability to adapt to the demands of the brief and always, always ensure the communications is true to the organization.

(Jo Alexander Global Head of Employee Communications; Global Head Communications, Group COO, HSBC)

Jane is creative, diligent and a delight to work with.  The whole team enjoyed working with Jane and valued her innovative and collaborative way of working. Jane also has a wonderful and intuitive way of knowing when you need support and offers insightful advice and coaching. We have stayed in touch and I regularly reach out to Jane if I want to test a new idea or way of dealing with a challenge. I worked with Jane on a benefits change project, which required communications to employees and training to managers. Jane did an amazing job of simplifying a complicated message in a way that really talked to our employees. She introduced new methods of communications, such as podcasts, which were extremely well received across the globe. She is a great sounding board and I really value her continued support.

(Julia Memery, AstraZeneca)

We could not have achieved the level of professionalism, quality and delivery without you. Your creative ideas helped enormously and we do owe you a big debt of gratitude. You were also pretty good fun to work with which I realise I forgot to add as a condition to the tender document but will in future!

(Rick Brown, Head of HR Functional Excellence, Shell).

The coaching has been tremendously valuable. I feel that I benefited significantly from the work I did with Jane. Through coaching I have become a more effective manager and stronger leader. In particular, my influencing and leadership skills have been strengthened. Jane is extremely professional and provides a good balance of hard and soft tools and encouragement. She is very supportive whilst leaving space for me to find the answers.

(Coachee, Unilever).

Jane combines a strategic breadth of view with great pragmatism that helps ensure communication solutions hit the mark. She is diligent to work with, integrating quickly and effectively with existing in-house teams and has a fantastic sense of humour.

(Paul Rudd, Director, Barclays University, Barclays Bank, plc).

Maitland Consulting offer the best of communications consulting; the expertise and delivery gained from one of the world’s best management consultancies, but without the hassle. They are great fun to work with, an excellent source of ideas, hard working and well informed.

(Communications client, Unilever).

Whenever I need someone to sprinkle creative fairy dust over a project, I call Jane.

(Barclays communications client)

A lot of people are creative, others are effective. What’s unusual about Jane is that she is both highly creative and highly effective. I’ve worked with her now for many years, and I have never known her to work on a project that wasn’t successful.

(Independent communications consultant).

Jane led a series of workshops for us aimed at helping our communications team to build their skills. When a colleague told us we needed to develop the “wow factor” in our work, we talked to Jane. She developed and ran a series of monthly ‘communications gyms’. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. My team not only enjoyed them, but the work demonstrably helped our consultants to raise their game.

(Communications team leader, consulting firm.)

Jane was an invaluable and effective member of our team. She worked hard to deliver creative communications solutions; facilitated our global project team very effectively. She also provided supportive and constructive coaching to the team leader in a way that contributed significantly to the success of our project.

(Claire Seabrook, Shell).